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In-Cider Sounds - Podcasting Cider

Man has cider blogging blown up or what? I'll save that for another post that is unless someone reads this and beats me to the punch. ;) I rattle off a good number of new cider blogs and micro-blogs just in the last few months. It's a phenomenon here and abroad, most notably the blogging seems to be coming from well... England of course and also from our cousins in the Southern Hemisphere in Australia and New Zealand respectively.

Coming up along side or even as a byproduct; cider podcasts are on the rise. Cider is not only becoming show topic more often but there are a few podcasts dedicated to cider now.


Podcast Episodes (a couple choice selections)

Bottom of the Bottle Episode 18! Ciders!
Just this past weekend Bottom of the Bottle a podcast from Sonoma County aired Episode 18! Ciders! Local cidermakers (ciderists?) Apple Sauced Cider and Tilted Shed Cider band together to talk cider with the show host slash owner of the Barley and Hops Tavern. It's a local show with a couple inside regional jokes but it was a blast to listen to. The folks from Tilted Shed Cider and Apple Sauced Cider did great. They both represent a little different approach but they certainly sounded of the same community.

iTunes link:


The Aleheads Podcast: Virtue Cider's Greg Hall
Last year The Aleheads Podcast put together a great show with Greg Hall discussing his new venture at Virtue Cider. Normally these guys just talk beer as you can imagine, this go around they learned a bit about cider with a craft beer hero.

Episode link:


Dedicated Podcasts

Cider House Rules Podcast

This is the very first podcast I ran across late in 2012. These guys do like their cider. I find the production quality of Cider House Rules pretty good. Overall it's an entertaining listen and I really like the show. These guys blend the cider talk with a good bunch of banter and some light humor and plenty o' cider puns. However... Listener beware these guys seem to enjoy their flavored ciders. Sorry guys... cider purist in the house.

Cider House Rules iTunes Description

Aiden & Matt love two things; Cider and talking crap! Hear them rant and rave about Cider news, history, reviews and anything else they get distracted by. There's something in'Cider for everyone! (By the way, they like other things too like girls and music and stuff)

Twitter: Aiden - @Aiden_G


Howdya Like Them Apples

This is a show I can relate to. Coming together to record these podcasts must be a challenge. One hosts is in Seattle and the other from the UK's West Country. I really like these guys... Rob (UK) knows his cider and seems to maintain a strict definition of cider. Damian, the Seattle host, I have a small bone to pick with. He makes our blossoming cider scene sound desolate, I can talk to you about desolate. While we aren't as vibrant as other parts of the world yet, our ciders are able to be found, just not in the major grocery stores. YET... Considering I'm just 60 miles away in Oly I'd love to sit down sometime and taste a cider or 2 with Damian and provide a few cider shopping tips.

Howdyalikethemapples iTunes Description

Cider review podcast where two like minded guys set the cider world to rights in a two-weekly discussion of all things cider related. Damian hails from Tasmania and now resides in Seattle, where he struggles to get his cider fix. He will leave no stone unturned in his quest to discover a hidden gem. Rob hails from Bristol in the West Country, UK. Born and raised in cider country he regularly enjoys the local spoils Somerset has to offer, and rubs Damians nose in it..

Podcast link:


I'm sure you can find more out there but these are some great examples to start out with and follow along.

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A few other cider episodes worth checking out are from Beer Sessions Radio out of NYC. The first 15 minutes of Episode 147 are about Rowan Imports and the ciders they bring to the US from Asturias. The entire Episode 136 is about cider; the second segment is an interview with Steve Wood from Farnum Hill and the third segment is an interview with Dan Wilson from Slyboro. Other cider content can be found in Episode 85, Episode 70, and Episode 53.

And I've posted a transcript of the Aleheads interview with Greg Hall for those who don't have time to listen to the podcast.

February 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEric @ Cider Guide

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