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Cider Conference 2012 - Chicago, IL

February 9 & 10th

CiderCon is organized to start to give the commercial Cider community an outlet to meet, share ideas, collaborate, and effect positive changes in cidermaking and cider fruit production best practices, the cider market and cider regulations.

WHY a Cider Conference: This conference is being organized for two main reason.

  1. The current state of US cider regulations is precarious for every domestic producer and importer of cider. As the cider market begins to grow at a rapid pace in the US, it is only a matter of time before the current regulations are actually enforced across the industry. All licensed cider producers (no matter their methods, means, or marketing) need to come together NOW to change the current regulations to insure no regulatory interruption to Cider’s continued growth.
  2. There is a great need for cider producers and imports to meet their industry colleagues to discuss and exchange ideas on practices, innovations, and trends to provide the foundation of a strong and diverse industry.

WHO is organizing it: Wandering Aengus Ciderworks is organizing this conference for a second year. In the past we were found to be in violation of US Federal Regulations and believe strongly in making some basic regulatory changes. And we realize that an attempt to propose changes alone will be worthless. After attending many beer and wine industry events, we have come to realize that Cider will never become a legitimate category of diverse offerings unless a collegial and formal Cider Industry starts to take shape to support its current and prospective members and industry specific trade allies.


For more information or to register visit

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