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Happy New Years Part 2 - Uncle John's Baldwin Cider

Uncle John's Fruithouse Winery's Baldwin Single Varietal Cider is one of my all time favorites. Outside Michigan it can be a little hard to find however if you live in Michigan or if you ever find yourself there try and pick up a bottle or two of Uncle John's Cider, they are all great.

Color: Straw to Light Gold
Clarity: Clear to Brilliant
Carbonation: Petilant
Brightness: Bright+ (Above Average)

Moderately subtle soft aromas of tart cherry, mandarin, with a slightly floral finish.

This Baldwin cider is hard to get a read on for sweetness. While it is overall fairly dry it is sweet enough to bring out some flavors and balance the show out. We got flavors of lemon, tangerine, honey-suckle, and a spicy finish.

Body & Finish
Very clean, astringent, acidic, crisp finish. Honey-like body with a moderate length finish.

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