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Dartington Ultimate Cider Glass (UK)

Dartington Ultimate Cider Glass Dartington Ultimate Cider Glass

Now for an affordable and accessible cider glass option.

Here is some info on the company and this particular cider glass design. A little searching revealed that Dartington seems to have 2 cider glass designs. The Ultimate Cider Glass here is the more affordable of the 2 and the only one I was able to locate a North American online source for.

The are out of stock at the time of this post but if you are as tempted as I am to pick a couple of these up you can order your Dartington Cider Glass here.

Here is a UK source for any European and English readers who may be interested.

Dartington's glass making history dates back to 1967 when a group of Swedish glassmakers bought their skills to rural North Devon to start a very different glass company. Today, Dartington is the only remaining major UK Crystal and Glass manufacturer producing quality products for an international market.

Excerpt from Amazon.UK...

Glassware for Living. In a busy world of conformity it's good to know that some things are still special. Dartington makes the discerning choice for Glassware in your home or to give as a gift.

Designed by Matthew Persson.

A generous shape helps release the ciders full flavour and aromas. The right glass can make all the difference between drinking and truly appreciating it. The Cider glass is perfect for circulating robust flavours. A delicate lip and easy to hold base keeps the hand from over warming the Cider.

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