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Cider on Ice? Not on my watch...

nociderandiceJust a quick post and a link to pub etiquette via the
"Cider drinking happens in big cities but with ice. Asking for ice with your cider in a cider-making area will be met with suspicion bordering on violence. Alcopops are the closest things to anti-freeze you can order in a pub and have much the same function."

Pub etiquette is something more Americans should embrace. They only briefly touch on cider but the sentiment is one we all should take to heart too. DO NOT ICE YOUR CRAFT CIDERS. Remember you are drinking someone's pride and joy, their art and craft. Would you start dropping ice cubes into your wine glasses in Napa? No. Respect it please no matter what country or region you are in. I liken adding ice to your cider to adding salt, pepper, soy sauce, etcetera in a really great restaurant. Just don't.

We have a newer "cider" manufacturer here in North America mimikcing, and riding the coat tails of Magner's cider on ice campaign. I won't give them the satisfaction of posting their name in this blog. However f you see anything like this and you appreciate craft make a jusdgement call please avoid these "six pack" products they are giving our good ciders a bad name.

On the home front. Life has been pretty busy with my own cider blending, bottling. I've also been trying desperately to prevent the dreaded film yeast in this warming weather with my inadequate equipment and storage.

I've got a couple great ciders to taste and review in the near future. A "Summer Cider" from a top of the list favorite of mine, Farnum Hill Ciders in New Hampshire. I also received a great cider from Sutliff Cider in Iowa of all places. Iowa is a new State for my cider map. 10 or so down 40 or so to go.

Stay tuned...

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Reader Comments (4)

Great blog. I'm in the wine business and constantly have to educate people about not putting ice in wine. However, I feel I need to mention that on the web page for Original Sin they actually suggest pouring their cider over a few ice cubes!

Other than that, I used to live in Iowa City, just minutes from Sutliff Cider, and we actually sold it in my old retail store. So I can say from experience that it is one of the best ciders I've ever had the pleasure of imbibing.


August 25, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLeanu

Hey thanks I appreciate your comments. I totally welcome anyone to pour your cider over ice if that is what it takes to get people to buy, enjoy and start to drink it. I suspect if they truly like cider and as they educate themselves they'd eliminate the practice.

I tend to side with English and French cider traditionalists and choose to inform and advise people not to do it. The reason traditional craft cider makers do not like ice added to their product for the very same reasons wine makers don't like it done." rel="nofollow">Here is proof of the "no ice" opinion in England. I assume you know how the French feel about ice and wine... I guarantee they feel no different about it in their craft ciders.

I've spoke with folks from both of the companies you mentioned... I do know both actually mention adding ice. In their defense a large commercial producer over seas ran a very successful campaign suggesting the "over ice" mentality. Small cider makers in the US have a hard go at it with less than 1% of the "market share" of beer and wine sales. Although I don't agree with it... I don't blame them for jumping the bandwagon to try and boost sales. On the other hand that is all very easy for me to say at the moment, I don't have to try and make my living selling the stuff.

August 25, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteroldtimeydave

Here's a variation on the theme, make the ice *from* the cider itself with a fancy cooler, that way there's no dilution. Best of both worlds ?

Weston's Cider Ice

as served at

September 10, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPhilT

I like that idea and if it is from Weston's you almost have to honor it.

September 10, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteroldtimeydave

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