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Which beer brands (or cider) don't have twist tops?

So using Wordpress enables me to check out my stats and find out how people reached my little corner of the blogoshpere. The title of of this blog was one of the terms used today and I thought it was an excellent topic for an entry. So as a follow up to my bottle rant I am going to keep a running tally right here on which brands do and do not have twist tops. I'll edit and update this post here with my findings. If you got some suggestion let me know.

I'll create a list of cider bottles first. Naturally.

Cider bottles that can be re-cap'd and don't have twist tops.

  • Magners Irish Cider - Brown Glass

  • Blackthorne (11.2 oz bottles) - Clear Glass

  • Strongbow 12oz - Brown and Clear Glass

  • Wandering Aengus - Dark Green US bottle cap size Champagne Bottle

  • Westcott Bay Orchards - Green US bottle cap size Champagne Bottle

  • Foxbarrel - Brown Glass *labels are tough as hell to get off.

  • Spire Cider - brown 12oz labels come of fairly easy too.

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