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Lake Chelan & Wenatchee the Apple Capital of the World

Lake Chelan

As a born and raised Washingtonian I have to say I like the Wenatchee Valley. Half of my family is from Wenatchee, I grew up going there, my birthday usually falls on Apple Blossom weekend (for those in the know), and over the years Wenatchee has been one of my favorite places in Washington.

I'm excited headed out to Chelan for an extra long Labor Day weekend. Lake Chelan is a close neighbor to Wenatchee with an equal share in apple history. Chelan really great if you live in or around  Washington and you've never been, you gotta check it out. The one downside for me is that over the past handful of years many of the orchards have been removed to plant vineyards. The people must have wine I guess.

I am really hoping to get out and visit the Chelan Cider Company, I hear good thing about their cider and I have a list of places in town that sell it. I hear there is some pretty good coffee and espresso at a place in Wenatchee these days, however I will also be armed with my espresso machine and grinder this trip.

I also noticed this documentary "Broken Limbs - Apples, Agriculture and the New American Farmer" will be screening at Sunshine Farms in Chelan. It will be hard to pass this up. Not only does Sunshine Farm Market look cool but I am a sucker for a great documentary, my family has been directly involved in the apple trade in the past, and I'm interested in the current state of apples, Wenatchee and apple business. Listen up Washington apple farmers... I say specialize your stock and plant Vintage Cider Apples! When you do don't forget to drop me a line. , you have a customer waiting. ;)


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Hey Dave, just came across this post and thought it was great because A: I live in Wenatchee and B: have a cider company that's going to be launching its first ciders (after several years of development) this fall. Would love to get in touch some time...

September 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLars Ringsrud

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