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Dry Creek Hard Cider ~ Blue Mountain Cider Company from the Walla Walla Valley, Oregon

Blue Mountain Cider Company - Oregon CiderIn a way I feel the Blue Mountain Cider Company from Eastern Oregon is a cider maker cut from a similar clothe as myself. They aren't afraid to experi-ferment with additional adjuncts such as complimentary fruits and such. I've had Blue Mountain's refreshingly tart Cherry Cider and I loved every last drop of it. I am also looking forward to drinking some of their Cranberry Apple Cider which as their website states is just around the bend. In fact I'm a little jealous as I had also conceived the idea for fermenting this classic Cran-Apple combo. Oh well I'm sure its been done before anyway.

On the other hand the makers at Blue Mountain seems to favor a sweeter cider than I have become accustomed to and now prefer. I think most folks that occasionally have a "hard" cider start drinking sweet ciders because that is what is produced in the US and it unfortunately is what America has come to expect out of ciders. Real traditional dry ciders made with vintage cider apples can be a shock to the palate to a newcomer. Throughout my years of cider consumption not only have I come to enjoy a very dry cider, I've come to crave a very dry cider. I readily admit that is difficult for me to step back.

That being said Blue Mountain's Dry Creek was a very enjoyable cider but a tad too sweet for my taste. From the information provided on their website Dry Creek in the dryest cider in Blue Mountain's product line and it is made from a "5 Apple Blend" that they seem to use on all their varieties. Flashing back on the cherry cider I drank last year it too was pretty sweet I suppose, but the cherries contributed a certain complexity, tartness and acidity that I have come to associate and experience only with the dry ciders. When I say that this cider was "too sweet" it may not have been the residual sugars that I didn't care for it may have just been the lack of acidity and tartness to help balance the flavors.

Being a home brewer I'm always disappointed to see a twist top cap which Blue Mountain uses. I know it is acceptable these days for quality products to use them but I always feel better getting a bottle with a cap or cork. Besides having more value for personal bottling I believe it has a higher "perceived" value as well. As a graphic designer by day I can't help but pay attention to perceived value and package design .

Overall I really did enjoy this cider, it was refreshing and very natural tasting. I'd buy it again given the chance however it might just stay in the wine rack until the mood struck me for a sweeter cider. I would encourage anyone to give any of Blue Mountain's cider creations a try. If nothing else they make a great "gateway" drink to help lead cider converts down the path towards the more traditional styles North America has to offer.

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[...] Oldtime Design & Beverage Co. wrote a fantastic post today on “Dry Creek Hard Cider ~ Blue Mountain Cider Company from the Walla Walla Valley, Oregon”Here’s ONLY a quick extract, it was refreshing and very natural tasting. I d buy it again given the chance however it might just stay in the wine [...]

October 16, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterWine Database » Dry Cree

well done, man

March 25, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJerrodzy

Hey, thanks for the mention. Just wanted you to know that we are possibly doing a peach hard cider and we are for sure doing a raspberry hard ciderthis summer.

You will have to email me why you dislike screw caps. People that we sell to 'love them.' Thanks!

May 13, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterkELLI kEZELE

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