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Cidermaking Information

While there is an abundance of great advice in the many home brew forums out there, I recommend trying the sources below for proper cidermaking advice.


Talisman Farm Cider Info & Cider Digest (USA)

Info Page:
Cider Digest Information:
A classic resource for cidermaking. This was an early resource for me and you'll find a wealth of cider information there. Whatever you do, make sure you sign up for the Cider Digest. A great cider Q&A resource.Locate issues for the year or download a complete archive of past issues.


Cider Workshop & Cider Workshop Group (UK)

The Cider Workshop is an awesome resource and is the most reliable forum for cidermaking questions that need urgent qualified answers right now... Some of the world's best cidermakers post responses here. Take in posts and soak up valuable cider information, search the forum archive for answers to your questions, or ask a question yourself.


Claude Jolicoeur ~ Pommes et Cidre - Apples and Cider (CA)

Claude has amassed a very impressive mass of his own cider information. Articles he has authored, steel frame cider press instructions, apple grinder making pictures, an amazing Apple Blending Wizard. Claude also puts on quite a cider presenation. You can often find him at Cider Days in Western Massachussets.




North American Cider Organizations

Northwest Cider Association (USA)

The primary purpose of the Northwest Cider Association (NWCA) is to promote awareness of Northwest Artisan produced ciders among the general public and foster cooperation within the industry for the mutual benefits of all producers.


Great Lakes Cider and Perry Association (USA)

The Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association (GLCPA) is a nonprofit organization formed to showcase and promote fermented apple and pear beverages and to help educate consumers and producers about them.


Rocky Mountain Cider Association (USA)

The Rocky Mountain Cider Association (RMCA) is an organization of commercial producers of (hard) cider and perry in the Rocky Mountain region: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. Our goals are to promote the understanding and appreciation of quality cider in our region, to help producers and suppliers find one another and work together for common goals, and coordinate events to develop the craft cider industry in our region.


Vermont Ice Cider Association (USA)

The Vermont Ice Cider Association is a group of dedicated artisanal producers committed to making Ice Cider in the tradition established by our Quebecois neighbors just to our North. We share with them a frosty winter climate, a centuries-long heritage of apple culture, and a passion for quality.




International Cider Organizations

Sidra de Asturias

The Designation of Origin Regulatory Board is the official body established to certify that a cider qualifies as Designation of Origin "Cider of Asturias". At the present time 25 ciderhouses, 267 growers and 587 hectares are registered and audited, with plantations of Asturian Apple Varieties belonging to the 22 varieties listed in the Designation of Origin Regulations.


Cider Australia

Cider Australia is the national association of Cider and Perry growers and producers. The primary aim of Cider Australia is to develop and promote the Cider and Perry industries in Australia. As a united body, Cider Australia provides a centralised point of contact for its members and, as an association, can educate the Australian public about Cider and Perry production and their responsible consumption.


South West of England Cidermakers’ Association

South West of England Cidermakers’ Association (SWECA) is a group dedicated to supporting the needs of professional cider makers and apple growers in the South West region. Established in its current form in 1984, but with a much longer history in previous incarnations, SWECA has around 50 members and meets two or three times a year to discuss issues surrounding cider making.


The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association

The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association is the organisation which represents, supports and promotes the interests of craft scale cider and perry producers, primarily based in the Three Counties region of the UK (Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire). This region has a rich heritage of cider & perry making, and has more orchards than anywhere else in the UK. We provide a friendly and educational platform for new or existing cider makers to learn more about technical, commercial and legislational aspects of the cider industry.



Annual Cider Events

We'll have a full blown events page very soon. Have a cider event you'd like to submit? Contact us!

Franklin County Cider DaysCiderDays - Massachusetts

 An annual celebration of hard and sweet cider in Franklin County, Massachusetts.

CiderDays is a community event celebrating all things apples in Franklin County, Massachusetts. 2011 marks the 17th year of this event and there will be two days (November 5th and 6th) of orchard tours, cidermaking and tastings, workshops and much more. This is for all who love apples, fresh or hard cider, apple cuisine, apple orchards or just being in New England in the fall.



Great Lakes Cider & Perry Festival - Michigan

The annual Summer festival put on by the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Association at Uncle John's Cider Mill in St. John's Michigan. This is continually one of the best opportunties taste a variety of ciders from around the country. Each year they also bring in special cider related guests and authors.  

Cider Blogs

Serious Eats Cider/The Cider Press

Serious Eats Cider Landing Page:
And more from Chris @
One of the best things to come around for cider in a long time. I always enjoy reading a new installment from Chris of



Bill Bradshaw Cider Photographer / IAMCIDER

Twitter: @iamcider
Perfectly stated by his own pen... "IAMCIDER: The Ultimate Cider & Photography Lifestyle blog (AKA- How to abuse your liver whilst carrying a camera into cyderspace.)"


Scrumping & Community Cidermaking

City Fruit: Seattle Parks Fruit Tree Stewardship (US)

Twitter: @cityfruit
City Fruit promotes the cultivation of urban fruit in order to nourish people, build community and protect the climate.  We help tree owners grow healthy fruit, provide assistance in harvesting and preserving fruit, promote the sharing of extra fruit, and work to protect urban fruit trees.

The Scrumping Project (UK)



Cider Education & Learning Opporunities

Northwest Agriculture Business Center - Washington State


Cider Making - Principles & Practices
Landing page for class:
Mount Vernon, WA - June 27th to July 1st, 2011
Internationally-recognized cider production expert Peter Mitchell will lead an intensive week-long class in cider and perry production from June 27th through July 1st, 2011.

Orchard Management: Cider Fruit Production
Landing page for class:
WSU NWREC, 16650 State Route 536, Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Sat. June 25th, 2011; 9:00am - 4:30pm
Registration Fee: $75 per person


Cornell University - New York

No dates set yet but you can find additional info at the Cider & Perry Academy website

Cider & Perry Production - Principles & Practice
This 'flag ship' 5 day programme provides a comprehensive grounding in the main and principles & practice of cider & perry production. The class incorporates the NACM Certificate in Cider & Perry Appreciation and also includes key commercial considerations. The class is suitable for new and existing producers alike.

Cider Production - Building Expertise (Advanced)
This advanced and intensive class is a follow-up to Cider & Perry Production - Principles & Practice and provides practically-orientated in-depth knowledge & understanding of the applied technology, microbiology, chemistry and commercial aspects involved in cider & perry production.


More to come...

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