About OTC

I can't tell you how long it has been since I've had a bio up... Probably since my old Wordpress version before moving to Squarespace. I'm also going to apologize for the state of this blog. Recently all my time has been focused on Whitewood Cider and behind the scenes at the Northwest Cider Association.

But... Fear not. I am back in action on OTC 1/25/2013.


The Adventures of Old Timey Dave and Old Time Cider.

Old Timey Dave (a.k.a. David White) is the head orchard keep here at Old Time Cider and the co-owner of Washington's latest craft cidery Whitewood Cider Co. He is a third generation Washingtonian and began his journey with cider around the year 1999-2000 with one of the earliest Washigton craft cider and hasn't looked back since.

Dave is a graphic design and illustration program graduate and former Evergreen State College student. He spends his day as an in-house graphic designer at Espresso Parts in Olympia where he is a 10 year plus specialty coffee industry veteran. In 2007 inspired by specialty coffee's "third wave" and their use of the internet and social media to promote and educate about coffee, he began the Old Time Cider blog to revivalize and promote cider and the North American Cider Map to help folks find it. Determined to one day make cider, in 2008 Dave attended Peter Mitchell's Cider Practices and Principles course at the WSU Experimental Ag station in Mount Vernon.

Old Time Cider opened many doors mentions in magazine, published photos, invitations to guest judge at the Great Lakes Cider & Perry Competition in 2011 and 2012, he's a 2 time Franklin County Cider Days survivor, not to mention meeting most of you and the honor of being a part of the Northwest Cider Association. Dave believes that the Northwest has become and will continue to be a leading North American cider region.

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